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Atsuko Kudo

The Leading name in couture latex fashion, Atsuko Kudo has developed her unique brand using Supatex as the preferred latex sheeting material.

Atsuko Kudo applies rigorous attention to detail in all of her designs and recognises the same level of detail and high quality in 4D Rubber’s Supatex brand, and as a result, the material can be seen on some of the world’s most famous ‘A’ list figures.

Most recently, Atsuko Kudo’s relationship with Supatex material has developed further by being the fabric of choice involved with Mercedes’ fashion week.


  “4D latex is our preferred choice of material due to it’s quality and it’s ease of use. There is also a great range of colours, it has a high gloss finish and it is very pleasingly tactile.” - Simon Hoare - Atsuko Kudo

Atsuko Kudo is well established in the fashion industry and manufactures a full range of ladies wear exclusively in latex rubber. All garments and accessories are available in a wide variety of plain colours and uniquely patterned prints.  Clothing crafted by Atsuko Kudo is designed for those who wish to look and feel beautiful, feminine and strong. Atsuko Kudo provides individual garments and complete ensembles for the bedroom, the salon, the night club, the cat walk, the red carpet and any other preferred location.

Atsuko Kudo couture designClick the image to look at Atsuko Kudo's innovative designs or find them at: https://www.atsukokudo.com/


Latex Berlin - BLACKSTYLE

Possibly the largest designers and manufactures of Latex fetish wear in the world. Established in 1992, BLACKSTYLE are among the top Latex garment distributors and manufacturers that cater for all desires.

Operating out of Germany, BLACKSTYLE pride themselves on their versatility, professionalism and community spirit. With a vast array of popular colours and thicknesses, they also enjoy providing customers with special custom orders.

Four D Rubber have a good working relationship with BLACKSTYLE and have been working together for many years and it is a pleasure to see our material being used in creative ways with the quality of the products shining through to happy customers.


“The latex that we use for our clothing comes from Four D Rubber, a British company that we think produces the world’s best quality material. Their latex is available in a variety of colours and thicknesses for special orders.”


 Click to view their impressive range of products


Honour clothing hosts an impressive catalogue of latex clothing apparel.  The UK’s largest online store for latex related garments, Honour’s unique range of clothing offers customers a volume of latex products relating from couture to more extreme latex wear.

Based in the UK, Honour and 4D’s Supatex brand have a strong relationship which has been built over many years, based upon premium quality material for premium quality products.

  “We have always used latex from 4D. It's superb quality and that standard of excellence has remained consistent over the years. We sell a large amount of latex fashion garments and 4D is an integral part of our business.When you sell a large amount of fashion latex items every week of the year it’s essential to have a supplier of consistent excellent quality latex. 4D has been our supplier for many, many years and I would not hesitate in recommending the company and their products” – Joe – Owner

Company History

Honours was first established in 1988 and quickly grew into a world leading brand in adult fashion and specialist equipment.

It all began in Waterloo, London, where the first shop was based. Honour initially started selling lingerie, however they adapted to a flourishing market and branched into the more couture side of adult fantasy.

This natural progression evolved the company into manufacturing garments to which are seen as sought after and very high quality. Honours strength and momentum grew following their website launch in 1994. This entrepreneurial step doubled the companies’ size and diversity, enabling them to sell to a larger market. Honour has gone from strength to strength and Four D Rubber is proud to be associated with a company that shares the same values of high quality and excellent customer service.

 Have a look at Honours custom and mainstream garments: https://www.honour.co.uk/

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Care for your latex

Let your latex shine by following some simple yet effective advice found in our resources section.


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