Posted on December 17, 2015

A New milestone for Supatex – New website

Since launch in 1964, Supatex has been providing the fashion industry with premium quality latex sheeting. Over 50 years later and we are still the leading global supplier of premium latex sheeting for fashion.

Over time our product range and innovation has increased exponentially, offering customers a fantastic array of colours, finishes and thicknesses of latex sheeting.

Today we celebrate our achievement with a complete overhaul of the Supatex website and logo. Our new website will reflect the quality of our material and service that we offer. We have invested heavily in modernising our online store which we hope will reinforce the foundations of an already fantastic brand and product.

We truly hope that our customers both old and new find the site easy to navigate and enjoy the showcase of our extensive product ranges. Along with the new website and logo, we have introduced a selection of new colours for you all to try.


HOSPITAL RED: Thickness 0.45mm & 0.33mm

Semi Transparent AQUA: Thickness 0.45mm & 0.33mm

SKIN TONE: Thickness 0.45mm & 0.33mm

SUPATEX GREY: Thickness 0.45mm & 0.33mm