SS18 Colour Trends | Latex Twist

Posted on January 03, 2018
SS18 Colour Trends | Latex Twist

These dark, cold January days have me dreaming of summer. So I thought I’d go back and look at the SS18 runway trends for some summer inspiration and I wasn’t disappointed! I thought it might be fun to share some of the colour trends I found exciting and how you could recreate them with Supatex latex...


The first trend I found was pastels – think lilac, sky blue, and baby pink. Although not particularly ground breaking, pastels are super feminine and an easy way to brighten up the wardrobe. To recreate this trend with a Supatex twist you could shop Baby Pink, Semi-transparent Lilac or Light Blue. I think a simple bralette or bodycon dress design would really suit these pastel colours.


The next colour trend I found a number of designers adopting was red and it is easy to see why; it’s fun, sexy and chic!  Red really gives a punch to any outfit whether it is for day or night. By creating a pair of red latex leggings you then have a super versatile item that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Über Bright

The last exciting trend I found across the runways was über bright – red, green, yellow and hot pink all featured. This may be for our more confident latex wearers but our Vibrant Range is perfect for those wanting to stand out from the crowd this season. A über bright catsuit would look amazing for a special event or show! 

I hope this mini guide gives you some summer inspiration or atleast brightens up a dark january day!