Latex Leggings | Beginners Guide

Posted on January 16, 2018
Latex Leggings | Beginners Guide

Kim Kardashian, photographed above, is a long standing supporter of latex. She was photographed last April out in LA wearing a pair of flesh coloured latex. Although this look is definitely not to everyone’s taste or style. Latex leggings are a great piece to start with if you are new to the latex game and a simple way to integrate latex into an everyday look. Whether you are an intrigued first-time or just looking for a way to add something fresh and different to your style, latex leggings are a great place to start.

Latex leggings can be paired with tees, blouses or jackets. The ability to mix it so easily with other fabrics and materials is what makes it one of the simplest ways to introduce latex into your everyday life. It’s a super versatile item to have; it can be dressed up with heels to create a super sexy evening outfit, or dressed down to create a chic day time look.

If you do not feel comfortable designing your own, we can recommend Honour. They are a fabulous company who provide every possible latex item you could need. They have a few different latex leggings styles which you can check out here They also have a great range of men’s bottoms, which can often be hard to come by, you can check this out here When putting on your latex clothing we always recommend lightly dusting the inside of the garment with talcum powder or use a small amount of lubricant to ease the process. Never pull at a single spot or hook the garment with a fingertip. Instead use both hands and apply even pressure across a larger surface.

For those feeling braver, or those with some more experience, why not dive straight in and design your own pair of latex leggings. The website Making latex clothing , have a great checklist of the things you’ll need before you start creating as well as tips and tricks to designing and creating your own latex clothing. I recommend Supatex Black as it goes with so much – but a bright colour would also look awesome. If you are really looking to make a statement why not go full Kim K and use Semi Transparent Flesh. Whether you make your own or buy a readymade pair, latex leggings really are a fun but elegant staple to have in your wardrobe this year.