Latex Fetish and Fashion | Moschino Fall Collection 2018

Posted on January 30, 2018
Latex Fetish and Fashion | Moschino Fall Collection 2018
Moschino turned a classic tuxedo occasion into a fetish party extravaganza – and we can’t get enough!

Jeremy Scott closed the Saturday shows in Milan with a bang, paying homage to BDSM and queer culture in his new line for Moschino’s fall 2018 menswear collection.  

At the heart of the collection was an aim to push the boundaries of gender and traditionally gendered clothing. The gimp masks became a great tool to create genderless dressing but were also a very direct reference to BDSM. Scott also incorporated riding boots, police caps, and leather harnesses into his looks - adding a fetish underground feel.

The collection unquestionably had an 80’s/90’s vibe (think Vivienne Westwood and Madonna) however it also still feels very relevant to today. For us here at Supatex we love to see fashion houses bridging the gap between fashion and fetish. For many, fetish is still seen as a taboo which is why it’s so great to see fashion designers adopting it so openly. Even if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea – it’s a great way to get the conversation started and reminds people not to be afraid to add some kink into their lives!

The 2018 fashion show season has only just began, yet we have already seen a number of designers incorporating latex into their shows. We are super excited to see what else this season has to offer and hope to see a lot more latex on the runway!