Divamp Couture | Fetish Fashion | New York Fashion Week

This week Divamp Couture made their New York Fashion Week debut. Previously described as “part glam gladiator, part futuristic fetish” by The Lingerie Addict, the new collection has definitely got people talking.

Designer Boyd Baten, started his career selling costumes during the early years of the 1990’s acid house dance scene. 25 years on his work has developed over time from costumes to amazing pieces of wearable art.

Without a doubt you will have seen his work, with artists such as David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Little Mix, Kat Graham and Azealia Banks all using or wearing his creations. Baten has also created work for TV series such as “The Get Down and “Arrow”.

The majority of the Fashion Week collection was black however many peices featured a pop of colour or metallic shine. With arm pieces and spectacular accessories. Unlike most fashion designers, Baten also chose to use models with fabulous curves to perfectly fit the bustier pieces. All of which created a sexy futuristic dominatrix feel – what more could you want from a fashion show? ;)

 Although latex was only used to compliment the mainly PCV creations, we still wanted to share this awesome show as it is not often you see creations like this at a Fashion Week.Any designer who can make creations for such a diverse customer base is welcome here at Supatex. From sexy clubwear to cosplay costumes to even creating pieces for Opera shows. Divamp Couture can do no wrong in our opinion! We’d love to know what you guys think?

Photo source: NYFW.net – To see the full New York Fashion Week collection follow the link http://nyfw.net/designers/divamp-couture/

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