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2018 seems to be the year of latex curves. It’s only March but I have already seen so many gorgeous models wearing latex!

My first spot was back in January, model and advocate for body positivity, Ashley Graham was photographed at a Pre-Grammy’s party wearing a stunning sliver latex dress. The dress, by Vex, perfectly highlighted her signature curves. The 30-year-old completed the look with a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels, big sliver hoops, metallic silver eyeshadow. You can check out Vex's designs here

Less than a month later and Ashley rocked another latex number, this time to the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issue launch. Ashley made history by being the first curve model to feature on the cover back in 2016. This year, she returns to the magazine for the third time. She stunned on the red carpet in New York, wearing a satin pink trench coat and a latex turtleneck. The turtleneck by Vex, worked perfectly with the silk gown, creating a chic nightwear look. She definitely stole the show that night, which is no easy feat when at Sports Illustrated party!

However, Ashley isn’t the only curvy supermodel turning to latex. British model, Iskra Lawrence was also spotted wearing latex at two New York Fashion Week events in February. She started the day at the at the Yajun fashion show, wearing nearly head to toe latex. The model paired a latex bra crop top with a flowy midi latex skirt, creating a show-stopping look. Later that day, Iskra attended the VFILES fashion show wearing the same latex crop top, this time matching it with a pair of fuchsia pink joggers. Like Ashley, Iskra has been making waves with her body confidence campaigning. Both models have spoken openly about the struggles they have faced in the fashion industry. Iskra made her NYFW debut last year walking for the swimwear brand Chromat.

Having these two beautiful curve models stun in latex pieces really shows how versatile latex is. I often hear that women (and men) think they can’t wear latex because it will hug them in the wrong areas or highlight their insecurities. Yet, once you see it on you realise that it’s the complete opposite!! Latex hugs you all the right places and really can make anyone look and feel amazing!

For a long time, women have often been told they can’t wear certain things or dress a certain way because of their shape or size – so it’s exciting to be living in time where women can wear what they want and feel beautiful and powerful! Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence are prime examples of this. The beauty of latex is that anyone can put it on and look beautiful or sexy. I hope these models inspire some more people to get out and try some latex on- I know it’s inspired me!

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2018 seems to be the year of latex curves. It’s only March but I have already seen so many gorgeous models wearing latex!

My first spot was back in January, model and advocate for body positivity, Ashley Graham was photographed at a Pre-Grammy’s...

 Latex Curves | Latex Fashion | Supatex

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