Weight Reckoner


Please insert the length of material required (alongside the relevant width and thickness), to automatically generate the weight of the goods for delivery purposes. The tables below will then assist you to work out carriage costs to different locations.

Width Thickness Length (m) Weight (kg)
0.92m 0.16mm 0.0
0.92m 0.2mm 0.0
0.92m 0.33mm 0.0
0.92m 0.45mm 0.0
0.92m 0.55mm 0.0
0.92m 0.65mm 0.0
0.92m 0.8mm 0.0
0.92m 0.92mm 0.0
0.92m 1.05mm 0.0
2m 0.33mm 0.0
2m 0.45mm 0.0
2m 0.55mm 0.0
Total Weight 0

From the blog

Hello Supatex Family, 

It's approaching Christmas time and the end of the year, but before we can all relax we will conducting our annual stock take. 

This means that our despatch date for orders over the Christmas break will be 04/01/2017 


It's Christmas

The Home of Latex Sheeting

We have been working really hard to come up with a revised fresh new logo for SUPATEX ... and here it is !!

we hope you enjoy it and that it reflects the premium quality product we manufacture. Be sure to keep your eyes on...

Revived Brand Image

A New milestone for Supatex – New website

Since launch in 1964, Supatex has been providing the fashion industry with premium quality latex sheeting. Over 50 years later and we are still the leading global supplier of premium latex sheeting for...