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Fetish Fashion | Divamp Couture | New York Fashion Week - Divamp Couture | Fetish Fashion | New York Fashion Week
Latex Fetish and Fashion | Moschino Fall Collection 2018 - Latex Fetish and Fashion | Moschino Fall Collection 2018
Latex Leggings | Latex Fashion | Supatex - Latex Leggings | Beginners Guide
Woman Wear Latex For The First Time | Supatex Blog - Woman Wear Latex For The First Time
Latex fashion | Recreate SS18 fashion trends with Supatex latex material - SS18 Colour Trends | Latex Twist
Milestone for supatex - SUPATEX WEBSITE LAUNCH
Blog - Mercedes Advert
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From the blog

This week Divamp Couture made their New York Fashion Week debut. Previously described as “part glam gladiator, part futuristic fetish” by The Lingerie Addict, the new collection has definitely got people talking.

Designer Boyd Baten, started his...

Divamp Couture | Fetish Fashion | New York Fashion Week
Moschino turned a classic tuxedo occasion into a fetish party extravaganza – and we can’t get enough!

Jeremy Scott closed the Saturday shows in Milan with a bang, paying homage to BDSM and queer culture in his new line for Moschino’s fall 2018...

Latex Fetish and Fashion | Moschino Fall Collection 2018

Kim Kardashian, photographed above, is a long standing supporter of latex. She was photographed last April out in LA wearing a pair of flesh coloured latex. Although this look is definitely not to everyone’s taste or style. Latex leggings are a great...

Latex Leggings | Beginners Guide

The Home of Latex Sheeting

We have been working really hard to come up with a revised fresh new logo for SUPATEX ... and here it is !!

we hope you enjoy it and that it reflects the premium quality product we manufacture. Be sure to keep your eyes on...

Revived Brand Image

A New milestone for Supatex – New website

Since launch in 1964, Supatex has been providing the fashion industry with premium quality latex sheeting. Over 50 years later and we are still the leading global supplier of premium latex sheeting for...


Mercedes SL500 Launch – a Supatex story.

It has been a very busy but exciting few months here at Supatex HQ. We have seen the launch of our brand new Supatex website and worked our way through a complete rebrand.

Supatex is historically the first...

Mercedes Advert